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About MPA Media
MPA Media publishes Dynamic Chiropractic, Acupuncture Today, Massage Today, Nutritional Wellness, To Your Health, and Spa Therapy, as well as numerous consumer and professional health newsletters, books, e-newsletters, Web sites, and more.

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NaturopathyDigest's company directory, including department contact information.

Current Issue
Read the latest issue of Naturopathy Digest. It also provides a link to the Naturopathy Digest archives. Search through articles by issue date.

Editorial Guidelines
Want to write an article for Naturopathy Digest? Click above to read submission guidelines.

Important Research
It keeps you informed of the latest developments in the changing world of health care. With a strong focus on wellness and natural healing.

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It provides users several ways to link to Users may link to the site using a traditional text link or an image-based link.

Naturopathy Calendar
View the latest naturopathic events around the country, or register and post events of your own.

ND Locator
This feature allows patients and doctors to locate naturopathic physicians online. Search by last name, city and state or zip code.

ND Online
Subscribe it for free to receive up-to-date important naturopathic news and information.

Nutrition & Herbs
This section contains information on the most popular herbs, botanicals, vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements.

Privacy Policy

Reader Poll
An online polling service. Each month, a new question relating to naturopathy is posted on This service allows members of the profession to cast a vote on a particular issue.

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