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Do you think that requiring restaurants to post detailed nutritional information will mean consumers will make more educated food choices? (December 2008)

Do you counsel parents regarding food marketing aimed at their children? (November 2008)

Do you provide exercise advice to your patients? (October 2008)

Do you prescribe herbs for use in conjunction with surgery? (September 2008)

Do you encourage your patients to take a daily multivitamin? (August 2008)

Do you share information about historical uses of herbs with your patients? (July 2008)

Do you practice anti-aging medicine? (June 2008)

Do you refer patients to other CAM practitioners, such as chiropractors or acupuncturists? (May 2008)

Should naturopaths be allowed reimbursement under Medicare? (April 2008)

What percentage of your patients are referred to you by a medical doctor? (March 2008)

Do you work in an integrated medicine practice? (February 2008)

What percentage of your patients are baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1964)? (January 2008)


What is the most important issue facing the naturopathic profession in 2008? (December 2007)

What article topics would you like to see more of on in 2008? (November 2007)

How paperless is your office? (October 2007)

Do you maintain a Web site for your practice? (September 2007)

How many patients do you see per day? (August 2007)

What effect will the new FDA regulations of CAM have on the naturopathy profession? (July 2007)

Which of the following consumes the most of your time? (June 2007)

How often do you read the complete text of a peer-reviewed research study? (May 2007)

Do you agree with the proposed FDA regulation of dietary supplements and other CAM products? (April 2007)

In your opinion, what percentage of the public understands naturopathic medicine? (March 2007)

What element of the naturopathic profession requires the most emphasis in 2007? (February 2007)

As a naturopathic physician, what is stopping you from contributing to the literature? (January 2007)


If given the opportunity, would you be interested in a career in research, particularly in light of the new NCCAM research initiative? (December 2006)

What reason most often brings patients to your office? (November 2006)

In general, which profession do you most likely refer patients to? (October 2006)

How do you feel about the American Medical Association's recent actions regarding the naturopathic profession? (September 2006)

How often do you recommend a period of detoxification / cleansing for your patients? (August 2006)

In your personal experience, are medical doctors biased against naturopathic medicine? (July 2006)

In general, from whom do you receive the most referrals? (June 2006)

In your estimation, what percentage of your patients have been exposed to anti-naturopathic information? (May 2006)

What is your primary specialty? (March 2006)

What is the most discouraging aspect of being a naturopathic physician? (February 2006)

What element of the naturopathic profession requires the most emphasis in 2006? (Jaunary 2006)


What Made You Decide to Become a Naturopathic Doctor? (August 2005)


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