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Multiplanar Exercises Effective in Rehab

A survey of 131 athletic trainers representing all major national athletic conferences (and using proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation exercise in their practices) found that PNF techniques are most frequently applied during rehabilitation of the knee, shoulder and hip. The use of these techniques during ankle rehabilitation is becoming prevalent as well.

The most frequently used techniques are contract-relax and hold-relax. Contract-relax-contract and hold-relax-contract are becoming techniques of choice for elbow, wrists, hip and knee rehabilitation.

The data indicate that the use of PNF techniques is a natural application for treating proprioceptive and kinesthetic deficits. A contemporary trend in exercise rehabilitation may be toward multiplanar exercises, which are typified by PNF techniques.

Surburg PR, Schrader JW. Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation techniques in sports medicine: a reassessment. Journal of Athletic Training, 1997;(32), pp34-9.


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