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Important Research » Senior Health » Geriatrics

Another Reason to Recommend Aerobic Exercise

Anticoagulants May Contribute to Osteoporosis

Assessing Balance and Gait Impairments: Functional Tools

Can Alcohol Intake Reduce Dementia Risk?

Combating Decreased Flexibility and Strength with Aging

Depression Increases Seniors' Cancer Risk

Determining Adverse Ranges of Leg-Length Discrepancy in Seniors

Exercise Keeps the Heart Healthy

High Blood Pressure Linked to Osteoporosis?

Improving Knee Extension Strength, Movement Speed With Exercise

Involvement in Activities Improves Function in Elderly

Maintaining Muscle as We Age

Management of Chronic Pain in the Elderly

Modest Tranquilizer Use Raises Risk of Hip Fracture 50%

Pain Management and Disability in the Elderly

Peripheral Neuropathy in the Aging Patient

Protein Supplementation Immediately after Resistance Training Increases Muscle Mass

Specific Risk Factors Predict Functional Decline in Elderly Women


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