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Important Research » Pediatrics » Infant Health

1% of Drugs Linked to 54% of Infant Deaths

A Possible Cause of SIDS

Added Benefit for Breastfed Infants

Antibiotic Increases Risk of Infantile Gastric Condition Tenfold

Benefits of Breastfeeding - Higher Intelligence?

Birth Size Affects Cholesterol Levels

Breast-feeding Linked to Reduced Asthma Rates

Breast-feeding Protects against Heart Disease?

Can Secondhand Smoke Exposure Lower Children's IQ Levels?

Cow's Milk May Contribute to Type I Diabetes

Do Expectant Mothers with High Cholesterol Deliver Babies with High Cholesterol?

Do Steroids Prevent Hearing Loss from Otitis Media?

Early Cognitive Ability = Less Cognitive Decline Later?

Immunological Benefits of Breast Milk

Immunological Benefits of Breast Milk: More Evidence

Indicators of Spinal Growth Important When Managing Scoliosis

Infants Fed Cereals at Increased Asthma Risk

Iron Deficiencies Lead to Lower Math Scores

Low-Fat Diet Safe for Infants?

More Evidence Breast-Feeding Protects Against Asthma

Newborns Affected by Mom's Use of NSAIDs

Pacifiers Cause Breast-feeding Problems

Pacifiers May Increase Risk of Acute Otitis Media

Parent-Administered Activated Charcoal Effective

Penicillin for Childhood Sore Throat: Similar to Placebo

Physical Activity Increases Infant Bone Mineral Content

Prescribing Patience for Patients

Tobacco Residue Passed to Children via Breast Milk

Too Many Tonsillectomies?

Too Much Juice?

Vitamin D Deficiency Increases Risk of Diabetes

When Is Fetal Growth Suboptimal for Term Infants?


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