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Important Research » Pediatrics » Childhood

Adolescent LBP Linked to Growth Spurts, Smoking

Antibiotic Use May Cause Asthma

Antibiotics May Not Be Necessary for Pediatric Ear Infections

Are Backpacks Hurting Our Children?

Asthma and Sports in High-Ozone Communities

Attention Deficit Disorder Caused by Zinc Deficiency?

Attention Deficit Disorder: Overdiagnosis, Overmedication?

Back Pain Linked to Genetics/Childhood

Back-Education Program Successful after One Year

Backpacks and Childhood LBP

Backpack Safety - Parents the Best Advocates

Blood Pressure Rising in Children and Adolescents

Childhood Asthma May Be Linked to Diet

Childhood Weight May Predict Weight in Adulthood

Children Say "We Didn't Hear You"?

Compact Extended-Cabs Less Safe for Children

Copper, Zinc May Influence Adolescent Aggression

Diagnosing Nerve Injuries of the Hand: the Passive Flexion Sign

Differentiating Childhood Back Pain

Do Childhood Vertebral Fractures Cause Disc Degeneration?

Do Children Who Exercise Become Adults Who Exercise?

Do Physical Complaints Predict Teen Depression?

Early Day Care and Cross Infection May Protect against Allergies

Ergonomic and Lifestyle Risks for LBP in Elementary School Children

Fruit May Boost Bone Health in Young Girls

Handwashing Reduces School Absences

High Mobility and Back Pain

Is Aerobic Exercise Effective for Asthma Patients?

Is Musculoskeletal Pain Increasing in Adolescents?

Juvenile Obesity: Notes on Prevention and Management

More Evidence that Smoking Contributes to Back Pain

Parents' Role in Preventing Overuse of Antibiotics

Physical Activity Strengthens Children's Bones

Protect Your Children

Psychosocial, Psychosomatic Influences on Childhood LBP

Reduced Chest Cage Motion in Scoliosis Patients?

Risk Factors for Adolescent Neck/Upper Limb Pain

Risk Factors for Headaches in Teenagers

Sagittal Segmental Alignment of the Spine During Childhood

Soft Drink Consumption Increases Fracture Risk in Young Girls

Soy Protein for School Lunches

Sports Participation Promotes Overall Healthy Lifestyle

Teaching Your Patients Not to Smoke

Too Much Television Viewing = Sleep Difficulties

Trends in Teenage Eating Habits: The News Isn't Good

Trunk Asymmetry Determined in Early Teen Years?

TV Viewing Linked to Obesity

Wait-and-See Approach for Earaches

Your Children Learn from What You Do

Youth Football: As Safe as Other Sports?

Zinc May Help Prevent Childhood Diarrhea, Pneumonia


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