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Important Research » Musculoskeletal Health » Back Pain

A Neural Network Analysis for Back Pain

Back Muscle Strength in Patients with Low Back Pain

Back Pain a Question of Weight?

Back Pain Linked to Social and Economic Dissatisfaction

Back Pain Produces Proprioceptive Deficits

Bed Rest: Still Unadvisable for LBP

Changes in Psoas Muscle Associated with Sciatica

Does Line of Drive Matter in Detecting Posteroanterior Stiffness of Lumbar Spine?

Does Trunk Muscle Weakness Contribute to Low Back Pain?

Effect of Lumbar PA Mobilization on Low Back Pain

Effectiveness of Back Belts Remains Uncertain

Exercise Plus Cognitive Therapy Better Than Surgery for Chronic LBP

Exercise Therapy Reduces Long-Term LBP

Graded Activity Reduces LBP-Related Work Absenteeism

Gravitational Traction Effective for Low Back Pain

High Trunk Velocity Predicts Low Back Pain?

High-Level Evidence: Bed Rest Ineffective Treatment for LBP

Impaired Postural Control and Its Role in Chronic Low Back Pain

Improper Backpack Use May Cause Back Pain in Schoolchildren

Is Chronic LBP Due to Muscle Coactivation?

Is Trunk Muscle Weakness a Risk Factor for Back Pain?

Isometric Back Muscle Endurance: Can It Predict Back Pain?

LBP Sufferers Respond Well to Combined Exercise/Motivational Programs

Less Activity in Multifidus of LBP Sufferers

Lumbar Lordosis - Sit or Stand?

Lumbar Stabilization Exercises for LBP

Managing LBP: Conservative Care Comes First

Measuring EMG Activity in LBP Patients

More Spinal Stiffness Perceived with a Heavy Hand

Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Management of Low Back Pain

Muscle Recruitment Patterns During Asymmetric Lifting

Nerve Fibers Located in Spinal Dura

No Correlation between Intervertebral Angles, Trunk Muscle Activity in LBP Patients

No Shortage of Low Back Pain

Paraspinal Musculature Influences Lumbosacral Position Sense?

Pelvic Asymmetry: An Unreliable Source of Back Pain?

Physical Performance Tests in Low Back Pain

Posterior Layer of Lumbar Fascia: New Attachments Found

Predicting Chronic Low Back Pain

Predictors of Subacute Low Back Pain

Redesigned Vehicle Seats May Prevent LBP

Role of Costovertebral Joint Innervation in Back Pain

Rule Out Malignancies When Assessing Thoracolumbar Pain

Smokers Have More Severe Back Pain, Depression

Static Flexion Contributes to Low Back Pain

The Role of Muscle Activity in Low Back Pain

Two Methods for Testing Back Muscle Endurance

What Exercises Are Best for Back Pain Patients?


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