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Important Research » Clinical Chiropractic » Back Pain

Assessing the ODQ

Back Belts and Lifting Techniques

Benefits of LBP Treatment Related to Patient Expectations

Campaign Improves Public's Back-Pain Beliefs

Can Psychological Stress Cause LBP a Decade Later?

Cardiovascular Disease and Back Pain Connection

Case Study: Flexion-Distraction for Cervical Stenosis

Chiropractic Favorable to Medical Care for Chronic LBP

Chronic Low back Trouble Can Impair Information Processing

Clinical Pathways and Chronic Low-Back Pain

Comorbidity Affects Where Patients Seek Treatment

Differential Diagnosis of Low Back Pain

Disc Degeneration and Facet Joint Osteoarthritis

Disc-Related Low Back Pain: Conservative Management vs. Surgical Referral

Do DCs and MDs Manage the Same Types of Low Back Pain Patients?

Do Tests of Lumbopelvic Dysfunction Help Differentiate LBP?

Effect of Weight-Bearing Orthotics on Flexible Pes Planus

Effectiveness of Pain Management Programs

For Treating Chronic Low Back Pain, Look to Chiropractic

Heat Plus Exercise: Best Treatment for Acute LBP?

Heat Wrap Beats Analgesics for Acute LBP

Identifying Acute-Chronic LBP Progression

International LBP Guidelines Vary

LBP Patients: Chiropractic More Satisfying than Medical Care

Leg Pain May Indicate Severity of Back Pain

Low Back Pain in Israeli Family Practice

Magnet Therapy Ineffective for Low Back Pain?

Manipulation Plus Exercise Superior to Exercise Alone for Chronic LBP

Nonsurgical Approaches to Treating Low Back Pain

Motion Palpation Findings and LBP Status

Occupational LBP: Biomechanical and Psychosocial Causes

Occupational LBP Remains a Problem in the U.S.

Opinions of the Effectiveness of Complementary Therapies for Low Back Pain

Passive Distraction Devices: Who Wins in the Stretch?

Patient/MD Interactions May Be Inadequate

PENS for Low Back Pain

Physical Modalities - No Long-Term Benefits?

Prevalence and Predictors of Neck and Back Pain

Preventing Chronic Spinal Pain

Rehabilitation of Sports-Related LBP

Reviewing Motor Vehicle Collision-Related Whiplash

Spondylolisthesis and Back Pain

Still Going Strong: The Oswestry Disability Index

The Patient-Specific Approach for Measuring Back Pain

The Reliability of LBP Measurement Tools

The Role of Pain Sensitivity in Fibromyalgia and Chronic Low Back Pain

Whiplash Injury: Classification and Perspectives on Treatment


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